How Do We Do It?

It takes a lot to get the score you want. So what makes us different?

Precision Studying

The MCAT broken down into 350 topics across seven subjects. Each topic is explained in the exact depth necessary to master the test. No missing out by understudying. No stressing out by overstudying.

Important Techniques

Learn how to think like the MCAT. Know how to do math quickly. Know the questions that are most likely to be asked. Know how to avoid the trap answers. Pick up easy points by learning your way around the exam.

Teach It Back

Mastery of the subjects. Mastery of the test. Learn the material so well you can teach it. When you walk in on test day, you'll be comfortable and confident.

What Students Say

Jonas, LSU School of Medicine

“Zach was incredibly helpful in helping me understand difficult concepts on the MCAT. He was able to break down challenging material in an easy-to-understand and simplified manner. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!”

Alexandra, MIT undergraduate

"Zach was extremely helpful in both eliminating extraneous information as well as highlighting the must know topics, providing much more focused studying. The teach-back style really made the difference, as Zach was able to not only help me learn topics I knew I was weak in but also helped me identify and improve areas I didn't even realize I was struggling with. Overall, I was very pleased with the efficiency of his tutoring methods. Even with my very short timeline, this tutoring made a huge difference in my score."

Katie, University of Colorado School of Medicine

"Zach took me from the 49th percentile to 98th in 3 months. His way of teaching and structuring my study schedule was nothing like my original plan. He wants students to practice testing early and often - while I originally tried content review before any questions. I'm in med school now because of Zach."